Friday, October 2, 2009

Personalized Gifts: Perfect for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Personalized Gifts: Perfect for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, a time for all of us to reflect on the many thousands of children in this country who are taken much too soon every year. It’s also a time to honor the families who are left behind to forever love a child they never knew, or knew much too briefly. If a tragedy such as miscarriage, stillbirth, or SIDS has at any time altered the life of a family you know personally, let the month of October remind you to reach out to them. If you fear words will fail you, one simple way of saying you care is through a gift of something handmade and personalized.

What type of personalized gift is appropriate? A tangible reminder of her child may comfort a mother in the wake of a miscarriage or a newborn loss. A sterling silver necklace, perhaps in the shape of a tear drop or a heart, hand-stamped with her child’s name or a saying such as “Forever in My Heart” is likely to become a cherished piece of jewelry. To add even more significance to such a necklace, have it embellished with a swarovski crystal to commemorate the child’s birth month or have the child’s birth date hand-stamped on it. If you know a mother who might prefer to wear a more discreet reminder of her child, choose to have forget-me-not flowers embossed on a sterling silver circle. Or choose to have a sterling silver bracelet made just for her with rose quartz (the stone of love and emotional healing), blue lace agate (a stone of hope, cleansing and harmony) and a butterfly charm (long a symbol of the soul). The wearer will see her child in the bracelet; others will simply see a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Another touching gift for a bereaved mother is a handmade keepsake box that can be personalized on the inside with any text you choose, such as a baby’s name, birth date, or a special message of hope. A keepsake box painted pink or blue and decorated with a heart and small flowers will be much more than a beautiful addition to a bureau for a grieving mother.
If you would rather give a gift that can be treasured by the entire grieving family, consider giving a hand-drawn portrait of the lost child. From a photograph you provide, an experienced artist can sketch a beautiful portrait in charcoal and pastel pencil. Personalized pottery is another appropriate gift option for a family. A hand-painted ceramic plate can be designed to your specifications. Choose to decorate it with a hand-drawn butterfly, angel, or tiny footprint and wrap around it a special hand-written message such as “Some people dream of angels. I held one in my arms” or “All our hopes and dreams now carried on butterfly wings.” Add the child’s name or birth date for a truly unique plate that will be cherished forever.

Whether you choose a gift of jewelry, art, pottery, or something else, it is certain to be a unique expression of your love and sympathy if it is handmade and personalized. This October and always, visit for a complete selection of unique, handmade, personalized gifts for anyone mourning the loss of a child.

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